Friday, May 6, 2011

Teen Prostitute Ties Up Man, Robs Him

This is 17-year-old Shacoya Jones of Augusta. She called police on Thursday afternoon from the Courtesy Motel on 15th Street to report being raped, authorities said. She told investigators she was 14 and pointed out a rape suspect after he was stopped by a deputy.

But after investigating, authorities discovered the teen was actually a 17-year-old prostitute who was recently stiffed by the guy. So she set him up Thursday to get her money and tied him up as "part of the sex act," police said. Jones then robbed the man, hitting him with two pairs of brass knuckles after blindfolding him and duct taping his hands behind his back, authorities say.

She's been charged with false imprisonment, false statement in a government matter, criminal attempted felony and prostitution. Jones remains in jail under no bond.

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  1. Again we have stupid criminal in this world I just wonder why I have not heard of a smart criminal