Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tips to Avoid a DUI Arrest

As you prepare to celebrate the new year, The Jail Report wants you to be happy. But not THIS happy.

This is 37-year-old Christina Kurdziel of North Augusta, arrested Thursday for drunk driving in Richmond County. She was stopped when an officer saw her failing to maintain her lane and pulled her over, according to jail records.

Tonight, we want you to take lots of pictures of your festivities. Just don't make it necessary to have your picture taken by a jailer.

Remember these tips:

1. Set your limit before you start drinking.

2. Eat something before you start drinking.

3. Drink plenty of water – if you have a beer and then a water and then a beer and then a water... you'll be drinking less beer. But remember, the only way to completely avoid a DUI charge is to abstain from drinking alcohol.

4. Wait until you get to the party. If you're already drunk by the time you get to the party, what kind of shape will you be in when you leave?

5. Eat dinner before you leave home. You need a full meal in your stomach to help keep you alert and slow down the effects of the alcohol.

6. Designate a driver. If you can't find someone who's willing to stay sober, then plan on spending the night wherever you're going. And don't plan to sleep in your car! A sleeping drunk behind the wheel of a car is STILL, in the eyes of the law, a DRUNK behind the wheel of a car.

Think! Every year thousands of people are killed by drunk drivers over the New Year's holiday.
And in this area, it doesn't even have to be a holiday. And the person doing the drinking never, ever leaves the party with the intention of going out and killing someone. But it happens. And it could happen to you. And it could be one of your own family members that gets killed.

Have a safe and happy new year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Augusta Attorney Accused of Sexual Incident with Teen

Authorities are investigating a report by an 18-year-old female that she was provided alcohol and marijuana by Augusta Attorney Joseph R. Neal Jr. before he "had carnal knowledge of her without her consent and against her will."

The Jail Report has obtained the incident report, which is labeled "rape" at the top and has the victim's name blacked out. (Report is pictured above - click on it to see it closer).

The teen told authorities that she was visiting Neal's home on 2240 Kings Way on the evening of Dec. 16 when "she was given 4 to 5 alcohol drinks and marijuana, causing her to become intoxicated," the report says.

The woman then claims Neal sexually assaulted her during her intoxicated state. The woman described Neal as an "acquaintance."

After being questioned about the allegations by The Jail Report, sheriff's Capt. Scott Peebles confirmed the investigation today and provided the report. "The case is being investigated and will be forwarded to the District Attorney for review," Capt. Peebles said in an email that contained the report.

The Jail Report left messages for Neal on two phones today and did not receive an immediate response from the 43-year-old attorney.

The allegations were made just before Neal's wife, Caroline, 23, was arrested for a domestic assault at the same house on Dec. 21. In that case, Mr. Neal told authorities his wife accidentally closed the door on his head after an argument, a report says. Mr. Neal then claims the argument escalated and Mrs. Neal "hit and scratched" him repeatedly in front of Mr. Neal's 13-year-old son. She also allegedly punched her glass French door and kicked in the plate glass window on the front door, causing deep cuts to her own leg.

A deputy observed scratches to Mr. Neal's right forearm and left bicep as well as a red mark on his chest and back.

Mrs. Neal was treated for her cuts at Trinity Hospital and then charged with simple battery - family violence. She was featured in this week's edition of The Jail Report under the name "Caroline Caldwell."

Richardson Family Statement: 'Words Cannot Express'

RICHARDSON FAMILY STATEMENT: The following statement was just released by the family of slain Officer Scotty Richardson: "Words cannot adequately express the love and support our family has felt since our Scotty was called home to be with his Lord and Savior in the early morning of December 21st. The Aiken community has been with us every step.

The acts of kindness have ranged from cleaning our yard, erecting tents so that family and friends would not be subjected to the elements, helping with the children, clothing family members for the funeral, and providing food. We have not wanted for anything.

It is always dangerous when you start publicly thanking people because you do not want to leave anyone out, but we must say “Thank You” to the staff at O’Charley’s and Houndslake Country Club. On Christmas night, these folks prepared a wonderful meal for our family. The reason we mention this is because a lot of us had not left the house since December 21st. We were able to gather in a private setting and enjoy Christmas as a family.

Throughout this ordeal the support from the Aiken Department of Public Safety (ADPS) and other representatives from the City of Aiken has been overwhelming. You should know that Scotty would be proud, but he would also be embarrassed by all of the fuss over him. To his brothers and sisters at ADPS, you are always welcome in our home and we count it an honor to call you family.

Scotty’s funeral service was conducted in a very regal manner. Shellhouse-Rivers Funeral Home, you were caring and compassionate during this entire process. When we arrived at the Convocation Center, the sight of all of the public safety personnel was jaw-dropping, but we were equally astounded when we began our journey to Bethany Cemetery seeing the citizens lining the streets while braving the windy conditions.

We have many friends that have been with us during this trying time and all we can say is “Thank You!” We would have never made it without you. As the days, weeks, and months pass, please keep us in your prayers because only time will heal this deep wound.

In closing, it is our hope that Scotty did not die in vain. Let’s all reach out to the children of our community and make sure that they stay on the right path. Encourage and love them because that is what Scotty would do.

God Bless,
The Richardson Family"

Stephon Carter Under Heavy Security at Hospital

Accused cop killer Stephon Carter remains hospitalized in Augusta this morning, nine days after being shot in a deadly confrontation with Aiken police.

Carter, pictured here in a self-portrait posted on his MySpace page months ago, is now being represented by Columbia attorney Carl B. Grant.

Contacted by The Jail Report on Wednesday, Grant said Carter and his family are holding up "as well as anyone can be" considering the circumstances. He also said his first job will be to regain the presumption of innocence and get his client a fair trial.

Carter, 19, suffered a gunshot wound to the buttocks, a wound that now appears to be pretty serious considering his lengthy stay in the hospital. Once doctors say he is healthy enough to be released, he will be transported to the Augusta jail to await extradition to South Carolina. He will be charged with the murder of Aiken Police Officer Scotty Richardson and attempted murder of Officer Travis Griffin.

Sheriff Ronnie Strength says he has Carter under 24-7 guard at the hospital. The sheriff has not allowed the suspect to have any visitors.

"He is in custody and he's not in a jail surrounding. Too many things could happen in a hospital that would not happen in a jail," Sheriff Strength explained. "Without a doubt, he is a high-risk prisoner at this time."

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stephon Carter: Son of a Killer

It turns out accused cop killer Stephon Carter is the son of a killer.

Meet Willie Carter, left, who is serving time for killing Stephon's mother in Aiken just four months after Stephon was born.

Sonya Carter separated from Willie Carter while pregnant with Stephon in 1992. She was so afraid of Willie Carter that she abandoned her Aiken home and moved to Barnwell County. But in March 1993, he kidnapped his estranged wife from Aiken Technical College and shot her execution-style in the front seat of her own car, according to media accounts of his trial.

Her body was found a day later in the passenger seat of her car, which was parked on a dirt road off S.C. 39 in Williston. An autopsy revealed she was shot twice in the chest, once in the neck and once in the head with a .22-caliber revolver.

Willie Carter was sentenced to life in prison, but a Department of Corrections website lists his eligible parole date as March 2013.

After his mother's death, Stephon Carter was raised by his maternal grandparents, Sarah Jane Hickman and Samuel Hickman Sr., according to family members. He was 9 when Samuel Hickman died, leaving his grandmother as his sole guardian.

The Augusta Chronicle is reporting that Blackville Police Chief John Holston is a distant cousin of Stephon Carter. Chief Holston said the death of Stephon's mother at the hands of his dad may explain his current situation, but not excuse it.

SLED officials have issued warrants against Stephon Carter for Tuesday night's shooting death of Aiken Officer Scotty Richardson and attempted murder of Officer Travis Griffin. At last word, Stephon Carter (pictured at right) was being treated at a hospital in Augusta after being shot in the buttocks in the gunfight.

Stephon Carter Photos

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Discovery Channel to Feature Jessica Carpenter Case

By Greg Rickabaugh
Publisher, The Jail Report

Normally, I am the one interviewing people about crime. Last week, I got the camera turned on me as producers with The Discovery Channel came to Aiken to film a story on the 2000 murder of Jessica Carpenter (bottom photo).

Producers talked to police, family and others about the dramatic case. They interviewed me about the community’s reaction to the brutal rape and strangulation of the high school student. I wrote about a dozen stories on the case while covering the Aiken beat for The Augusta Chronicle.

An hour-long special will air on an upcoming episode of “Cold Blood,” an Investigation Discovery (I.D.) show entering its fifth season. Producers became fascinated with the Carpenter case because it was such a roller-coaster ride. It had all the twists and turns of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.

Jessica Carpenter was 17 when her mother returned to their Crosland Park home on Aug. 4, 2000 and found her daughter’s body. The teen had been sexually assaulted and strangled with a phone cord before the killer sliced her throat with a knife.

Jessica died of asphyxiation from strangulation and cuts to the throat, the coroner said.

It was an agonizing two years for the family, investigators and the community as the case remain unsolved.

The case was not without suspects. Over that period, Aiken Public Safety investigators interviewed over 300 people and obtained DNA samples from 94 people, including friends, neighbors, co-workers and even serial killer Reinaldo Rivera. None matched.

Just days after the two-year anniversary of her killing, authorities linked Georgia inmate Robert Franklin Atkins to the crime after his DNA was put into a Georgia database.

It turned out that despite an extensive criminal history, Atkins was working as a deliveryman for Airborne Express in the Aiken area. Police say he talked his way into the Carpenter family home by asking to use the phone. He pretended to be talking to someone, and after hanging up, grabbed Jessica and dragged her around the house.

After his arrest, Atkins apologized to the family, struck a deal to avoid the death penalty and was sentenced to life in prison.

In court, the victim’s sister, Amy Carpenter, spoke about the agony of the case: “We spent two years not knowing who did this, constantly looking at friends, co-workers, and neighbors with suspicious eyes.”

Requiring felons in Georgia to submit DNA samples for a database was the key to stopping a killer and bringing justice to the family.

Ironically, it took South Carolina another six years to create a similar DNA database using all felony suspects.

“We’re glad we’ve got DNA,” Charlie Carpenter, Jessica’s father, said in court in 2006. “We know we got the right person that murdered Jessica. We know in our hearts tonight that the person that murdered Jessica is behind bars and we’re never going to see him again ... and he’s going to come out feet first in a pine box.”

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Raven Williams

Raven Williams, 23, was charged for a Grand Jury Arrest Warrant on Wednesday in Richmond County.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Augusta Woman Kills Husband with Stiletto Shoe

An Augusta woman was charged with murder Monday after allegedly beating her boyfriend to death with a shoe, according to authorities. Thelma Carter, 46, first told officers she came home this morning to find the body of 58-year-old Robert Higdon.

"Subsequent investigation has determined that at some time (Sunday) evening Carter and Higdon were involved in a dispute that turned physical. During the altercation, Carter struck Higdon in the head with a shoe," sheriff's Capt. Scott Peebles said in a press release.

Officers say the victim appears to have died from trauma to the head, but an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday to determine the exact cause. Carter is in custody charged with one count of murder.

This is Richmond County’s 14th murder this year. There were 21 murders this time last year.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Vincent Powell

Vincent Powell, 54, was charged Monday with order to show cause by the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Attorney Arrested for Felony Obstruction in Augusta

Augusta Attorney Matthew James Duncan was arrested early Thursday for felony obstruction of an officer after allegedly interfering with a traffic stop and injuring a deputy while being arrested, a report says.

Just after midnight Thursday, the 29-year-old bankruptcy attorney walked up to a traffic stop at Broad & 11th streets where a woman was undergoing sobriety tests. He yelled to the woman that she should not perform any evaluations and told the officers he was her attorney. According to a report, Deputy Donnie Chavis told the man to leave or he would be arrested. Duncan walked away, but returned again and told the woman again not to cooperate.

That is when Deputy Chavis attempted to place the man under arrest, but the attorney "snatched his hand back and stated I was not going to place him under arrest," the officer's report says.

When Duncan snatched his hand back, it caused the handcuff chain to strike the deputy's hand and reopen six stitches he had received the week before. Duncan was finally taken into custody and the officer "smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage from his breath" and noted slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Duncan was transported to the Richmond County Jail on the felony charge. County records show he was convicted in 2002 of DUI.

Deputy Chavis required treatment at MCG for the injury. The entire incident was recorded on the officer's in-car video, a report says.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Chaz Williams

Chaz Williams, 20, of Lexington, S.C., was arrested Sunday for disorderly conduct in Richmond County.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Dorothy Harrison

Dorothy Harrison, 49, of Aiken, was charged Tuesday by the Aiken Department of Public Safety with having an open container of beer.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Mary Hughes

Mary Hughes, 18, of Aiken, was charged Sunday with assault & battery in Aiken County.

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Website: Augusta Mugs

Make sure to check out our website,, for more mugshots.

Mugshot of the Day: Bradley Calhoun

Bradley Calhoun, 20, of Aiken, was charged with trespassing Wednesday by the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Lonnie Bargeron IV

Lonnie Bargeron IV, 26, was arrested Wednesday for shoplifting between $50 and $300 worth of merchandise in Richmond County.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Cynthia Walker

Cynthia Walker, 51, was arrested Friday in Richmond County for two counts of felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer and simple battery. That suggests she gave two officers a really hard time.

Apparently, she didn't like the jailers either, because she displayed this frown for them when it came time for her mugshot.

Mugshot of the Day: Sherry Lee

Sherry Marie Lee, 43, of Augusta, was arrested Tuesday for disorderly conduct (engaging in a fight) in Richmond County. Apparently, she needed help on her side profile, and a jailer reached in to pull her hair back, making for this bizarre-looking mugshot.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Robert Brooks

Robert Brooks, 33, of Augusta, was arrested Tuesday for disorderly conduct in Richmond County.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Joan Stine, 85 Years Old

Joan Stine, 85, of Augusta, was charged last week with simple battery in Richmond County.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Ted Day

Ted Norris Day, 26, of Hephzibah, was charged last Thursday with DUI and failure to maintain lane. He was arrested by a deputy with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mugshot of the Day; Stephen Daughterty

Stephen Daughterty, 28, of Aiken, was charged Thursday with two counts of assault & battery and one count of driving under suspension. He was arrested by Aiken County Sheriff's deputies, and he remains in the Aiken County Jail this morning.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Gina Young

Gina Young, 27, of Augusta, was charged Tuesday with theft by shoplifting in Richmond County. She allegedly went into a dressing room and loaded her purse with four shirts and four dresses from J.C. Penney's at Augusta Mall. Another woman with Young allegedly stole items too, but pushed the loss prevention officer out of the way and fled, a report says.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Richard Rule

Richard Rule, 53, of Aiken, was charged with DUI on Tuesday by the S.C. Highway Patrol.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Jenna Brown

Jenna Brown, 21, of Augusta, was charged Saturday by Richmond County authorities with DUI and a related traffic charge.

She's only been 21 for a month. Perhaps drinking isn't for her.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Stephanie McLaughlin

Stephanie McLaughlin, 37, of Augusta, was charged Wednesday by Richmond County deputies with possession of Oxycodone, a felony.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Javonist Gant

Javonist Gant, 19, of Augusta, was arrested Wednesday by Richmond County authorities for fleeing/attempting to elude officers, speeding, theft by receiving stolen property, criminal attempted felony and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.

Basically, authorities say he and another man, David Callahan, tried to rob Belair Package Shop on Wednesday night but got spooked and fled without anything. They later caught the attention of a deputy while riding in a stolen car and ended up leading deputies on a high-speed chase reaching speeds over 100 mph. The chase ended in Columbia County with their arrest. A report doesn't indicate how he sustained the injuries to his face.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Former NAHS Asst. Principal Arrested for Leading Police on Foot Chase

The former assistant principal for North Augusta High School was arrested early Saturday morning after leaving an Aiken bar to head home to an unattended child.

According to the report, the officer observed Charles Gregory make an improper turn on Whiskey Road. When he turned around, Gregory quickly pulled into the parking lot at McDonalds and exited the car.

The officer watched as Gregory made his way back the way he had come on foot. When the blue lights came on, Gregory bent down to remove his shoes then took off into the parking lot of Millbrook Baptist Church.

The officer yelled at him to stop, but Gregory only redoubled his shoeless speed and ran into the nearby cemetery. He tripped over a fence, recovered, then climbed over another fence, falling yet again. Still being pursued, Gregory dashed onto East Pine Log Road and, you guessed it, fell again.

At this time, the deputy was able to end the brief chase with a set of handcuffs. On the way to the station, Gregory admitted that what he did was “stupid” but that he just got nervous, the report stated.

Gregory also admitted to leaving his 6-year-old daughter at home alone and requested that his mother be contacted so she could go take care of her. Now wasn’t that thoughtful?

Gregory was charged with failure to obey a lawful officer and improper lane change.

A woman answering phones at the school says Gregory resigned after school ended a few weeks ago, before this incident occurred. She said they have not updated their website.

Mugshot of the Day: Eric Warren

Eric Warren, 46, of Graniteville, was arrested Tuesday by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office and charged with disorderly conduct and littering.

He's had a few minor arrests years ago for driving under suspension and being a drunk pedestrian, according to jail records.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Rico Sanders

Rico Sanders, 23, of North, S.C., was charged Thursday by Wagener Police with grand larceny.

Sanders is a repeat offender with previous charges of accessory after the fact to burglary, possession of stolen goods, failure to stop on police command, malicious injury to courthouse, failure to appear and drugs - prohibited acts. He remains in the Aiken County Jail.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Lauren Bunting

Lauren Bunting, 28, of Martinez, was charged Wednesday by Richmond County Sheriff's Office with shoplifting, at least her fourth arrest for shoplifting in the area since 2002.

That is her newest mugshot on the right. This same time last year, she was arrested for shoplifting as well, where jailers photographed her with purple hair (left).

Bunting has made several trips to the Augusta jail over her young life for charges of shoplifting, DUI and driving while license revoked.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Timothy Chaples

Timothy Chaples, 18, of Salley, was charged by Salley Police on Tuesday with assault & battery and disorderly conduct, his second arrest in less than a week. That's his newest mugshot on the right. The left mugshot is from last Thursday's arrest by Salley police for simple larceny and drug paraphernalia. We hope he'll stop his criminal ways soon.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Conella Smith

Conella Smith, 56, of Augusta, was arrested today by Richmond County sheriff's officials for disorderly conduct.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pepper Spray Ends Foot Chase of Shoplifting Suspect

An Aiken shoplifting suspect led officers on a wild foot chase outside a day care last week before it ended with a blast of pepper spray to the face, according to a sheriff’s report.

Cornelius Adams, 32, had allegedly hidden two DVDs and a CD in his back pocket at the Aiken Walmart on May 31. When a loss prevention officer confronted him, he ran.

Aiken public safety officers picked up the chase, which ended up near a wooden privacy fence for the Family Affair Day Care. To gain access to the area behind the day care, Adams broke and pried the wooden boards off the fence, a report says.

An officer used pepper spray, but it only struck the suspect’s neck and side of his face. Adams jumped the fence but realized he was surrounded by police and threw his hands up. But when he backed up and ignored orders to get to the ground, an officer sprayed him again, leading Adams to fall to his knees and surrender.

Adams was charged with shoplifting, resisting arrest and malicious injury to real property.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Tommie Brooks

Tommie Brooks, 48, was charged Friday by Richmond County deputies with DUI, leaving scene of accident, habitual violator and improper backing. Does he look in a condition to drive?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Mickey Washington

Mickey Washington, 66, was arrested Wednesday by Richmond County authorities on a charge of simple battery.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: George Merriweather III

George Merriweather III, 40, of Augusta, was arrested Monday by Richmond County deputies for shoplifting and giving false information to law enforcement.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mugshot of the Day: Arlene Bender

Arlene Bender, 57, of Augusta, was arrested June 3 by Richmond County sheriff's officials on a charge of disorderly conduct. She gave this big grin for her mugshot.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Franklin Farrell Jr.

What is he thinking? Franklin Farrell Jr, 35, of Warrenville, was charged June 3 by Aiken County sheriff's officials with failure to appear and pay family court bench warrant. He made this unusual face when it was time to pose for the camera.

Farrell is a repeat offender with previous charges for criminal domestic violence, manufacturing meth, failure to pay child support and traffic offenses.

Perhaps he is angry with himself for getting busted again and thrown in the slammer.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

5th Criminal Domestic Violence Charge

Shawn Mikell, 30 of Langley, was arrested this week for his fifth criminal domestic violence charge.

Ironically, he was ordered to undergo counseling for domestic violence in December after an arrest last year, according to court records. Looks like that didn't work.

But why should it? The court never sent Mikell to jail for very long. In 2002, after he was found guilty of domestic abuse, a judge simply ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

Here’s a look at five of his mugshots, including the criminal domestic violence charges.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drunk Woman Leads Cop on Chase with Kids in Car

A drunk Hephzibah mother crashed into a tree after leading officers on a chase while carrying three children and an adult male in her car Saturday evening .

Rebecca Avrett, 27, was allegedly involved in an accident on James Drive but drove away as a deputy approached, leading the officer on a chase that reached speeds of 80-85 mph, a report says. She finally drove into a yard on Travis Road, lost control of her 1999 Saturn and struck a tree. She tried to exit the car but was detained, the report states.

An officer then realized the woman was carrying three small children (ages 6-8) as well as an adult male. None of the children were restrained, and they appeared injured, a report states.

Officers found an open container of Bud Ice in the car. The driver was charged with at least 14 offenses, including DUI, reckless driving, fleeing, endangering child while DUI, no insurance and driving with a suspended license.

The injured were taken to MCG. Avrett was treated and then booked into the jail, where she took her mugshot from a wheelchair.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Woman with Cerebral Palsy Arrested Again for Shoplifting

An Augusta woman with cerebral palsy has been arrested for shoplifting again.

Lisa Michelle Owen, 44, is accused of rolling out of the Walmart on Deans Bridge Road last Thursday afternoon without paying for a pink “George” shirt worth $12 and a bag of Frito's worth $1. A store employee stopped the woman and her wheelchair after she exited the store, and called police.

But because a handicapped van wasn't available, a deputy was forced to let the woman go until they could pick her up Friday.

Last August, Owen was charged with shoplifting earrings from J.C. Penney’s at the Augusta Mall while riding around in a motorized wheelchair. In that case, a deputy asked the woman to turn herself in at the jail, and she did.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Elderly Hephzibah Man Shot to Death in Home

Richmond County has recorded its 6th homicide after an elderly Hephzibah man was found shot to death in his home Friday night.

Just before midnight Friday, 911 dispatchers received a call about “suspicious persons” on the 2800 block of Hoods Lane, off Tobacco Road in Hephzibah. Deputies checked the residence at 2832 Hoods Lane and found the body of resident Johnny Juddie Luckey, an 81-year-old white male, according to a press release from sheriff’s Lt. Calvin Chew.

The victim appears to have died from gunshot wounds. No arrests have been announced in the slaying, which marks Richmond County’s 6th homicide of the year.

“The investigation is currently in its early stages and further information will be released when possible,” Lt. Chew said.