Thursday, December 29, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Augusta Attorney Accused of Sexual Incident with Teen

Authorities are investigating a report by an 18-year-old female that she was provided alcohol and marijuana by Augusta Attorney Joseph R. Neal Jr. before he "had carnal knowledge of her without her consent and against her will."

The Jail Report has obtained the incident report, which is labeled "rape" at the top and has the victim's name blacked out. (Report is pictured above - click on it to see it closer).

The teen told authorities that she was visiting Neal's home on 2240 Kings Way on the evening of Dec. 16 when "she was given 4 to 5 alcohol drinks and marijuana, causing her to become intoxicated," the report says.

The woman then claims Neal sexually assaulted her during her intoxicated state. The woman described Neal as an "acquaintance."

After being questioned about the allegations by The Jail Report, sheriff's Capt. Scott Peebles confirmed the investigation today and provided the report. "The case is being investigated and will be forwarded to the District Attorney for review," Capt. Peebles said in an email that contained the report.

The Jail Report left messages for Neal on two phones today and did not receive an immediate response from the 43-year-old attorney.

The allegations were made just before Neal's wife, Caroline, 23, was arrested for a domestic assault at the same house on Dec. 21. In that case, Mr. Neal told authorities his wife accidentally closed the door on his head after an argument, a report says. Mr. Neal then claims the argument escalated and Mrs. Neal "hit and scratched" him repeatedly in front of Mr. Neal's 13-year-old son. She also allegedly punched her glass French door and kicked in the plate glass window on the front door, causing deep cuts to her own leg.

A deputy observed scratches to Mr. Neal's right forearm and left bicep as well as a red mark on his chest and back.

Mrs. Neal was treated for her cuts at Trinity Hospital and then charged with simple battery - family violence. She was featured in this week's edition of The Jail Report under the name "Caroline Caldwell."