Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stephon Carter Under Heavy Security at Hospital

Accused cop killer Stephon Carter remains hospitalized in Augusta this morning, nine days after being shot in a deadly confrontation with Aiken police.

Carter, pictured here in a self-portrait posted on his MySpace page months ago, is now being represented by Columbia attorney Carl B. Grant.

Contacted by The Jail Report on Wednesday, Grant said Carter and his family are holding up "as well as anyone can be" considering the circumstances. He also said his first job will be to regain the presumption of innocence and get his client a fair trial.

Carter, 19, suffered a gunshot wound to the buttocks, a wound that now appears to be pretty serious considering his lengthy stay in the hospital. Once doctors say he is healthy enough to be released, he will be transported to the Augusta jail to await extradition to South Carolina. He will be charged with the murder of Aiken Police Officer Scotty Richardson and attempted murder of Officer Travis Griffin.

Sheriff Ronnie Strength says he has Carter under 24-7 guard at the hospital. The sheriff has not allowed the suspect to have any visitors.

"He is in custody and he's not in a jail surrounding. Too many things could happen in a hospital that would not happen in a jail," Sheriff Strength explained. "Without a doubt, he is a high-risk prisoner at this time."

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  1. Mr. Grant helped a family member of mine and did an excellent job. He is a very fair and personable attorney. Mr. Carter will be treated fairly because of Carl Grant.