Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pepper Spray Ends Foot Chase of Shoplifting Suspect

An Aiken shoplifting suspect led officers on a wild foot chase outside a day care last week before it ended with a blast of pepper spray to the face, according to a sheriff’s report.

Cornelius Adams, 32, had allegedly hidden two DVDs and a CD in his back pocket at the Aiken Walmart on May 31. When a loss prevention officer confronted him, he ran.

Aiken public safety officers picked up the chase, which ended up near a wooden privacy fence for the Family Affair Day Care. To gain access to the area behind the day care, Adams broke and pried the wooden boards off the fence, a report says.

An officer used pepper spray, but it only struck the suspect’s neck and side of his face. Adams jumped the fence but realized he was surrounded by police and threw his hands up. But when he backed up and ignored orders to get to the ground, an officer sprayed him again, leading Adams to fall to his knees and surrender.

Adams was charged with shoplifting, resisting arrest and malicious injury to real property.

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  1. Are people that stupid to shoplift with all the cameras and technology around in the world and you going to steal from Walmart that is bright smart boy.