Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Depressed Man Calls Judge & Threatens to Shoot Any Deputy Who Stops His Suicide

A suicidal Augusta man with marital problems was arrested this week for threatening to shoot any deputy who tried to stop him from killing himself on the front porch of his estranged wife, a report says.

Maurice Key, 31, of Augusta, was charged Monday with terroristic threats or acts, and he remains in jail under no bond.

According to a sheriff's report, Key called Superior Court Judge Daniel Craig on Sunday and started talking about his recent marital problems. He told the judge that he wanted to kill himself, a report says.

"Key also stated to Judge Craig that he was planning on shooting himself on his wife's front porch and kill any Richmond County Deputy that interfered," the officer's report said.

Just before midnight Sunday, a sheriff's Investigator encountered Key at his residence on Mercier Street. The investigator ordered Key to "show his hands" at gunpoint.

According to the officer, Key made a movement to his rear waist line but relented to Officer's commands to "get on the ground." After Key was taken into custody, the investigator discovered a black Airsoft Glock replica BB gun in Key's rear waistband.

While being driven to the Richmond County Jail, Key asked Deputy Shane Van Dyke why deputies hadn't shot him at his home, a report says.

Records show that Key received probation in 2008 for simple battery and hindering a 911 call, and he was ordered to attend a family violence program.


  1. Very sad praying he gets the help he truely needs.

  2. In the mighty name of Jesus I bind the enemy and this spirit of depression right now. Amen.

    1. Hahahahaha, you are so full of it, and its not religion , it's stupidity.

  3. i say let him kill hisself if dats what he want to do

  4. It's sad how people don't have as great of a life that most people have I wish they would just help him out instead of throwing him in jail