Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sexual Battery in Appling

An Appling man man was arrested Wednesday for sexual battery on his ex-girlfriend, according to a sheriff's report.

Wesley Dye, a 30-year-old carpet cleaner, is accused of touching his ex-girlfriend intimately despite the woman telling him not to, according to a Columbia County sheriff's report. The victim said she had gone to the suspect's home around lunchtime Wednesday to return some clothes Mr. Dye had left at her home. While she was there, Mr. Dye touched her, she said.


  1. Do Not put your self in danger. Do Not go alone somewhere that may be dangerous. I am not defending the beast. I am only advising the victim.
    Rape victim, Edgefield County

  2. She should have just mailed the clothes back to him. Did she really have to "go to his house"? Not that I know either one of them but as one woman to another, don't be stupid.

  3. From the looks of this creep I would guess that the ex-girlfriend is not to bright or she would not have been with him in the first place.

  4. She could have requested an Escort by a Deputy to avoid any possible confrontation.Common Sense and some Safety considerations would have made the matter less dangerous.