Thursday, April 8, 2010

Traffic Death on I-20

Press release from Aiken County Coroner Tim Carlton:

32 year old Aaron Jennings of North Augusta SC was pronounced dead at the Medical College of Georgia Emergency Department at 7:18pm. Mr. Jennings was involved in a two vehicle crash on I-20 westbound between mile marker 14 and 15 at approximately 6:15pm.

According to witness' Mr. Jennings' vehicle was traveling west in the #1 lane (nearest the median) when a tractor trailer pulled into his lane from the #2 lane. The tractor trailer was apparently attempting to avoid slower moving traffic when he was alleged to have forced Mr. Jennings into the median where the 2004 Ford Explorer overturned ejecting Mr. Jennings. Mr. Jennings was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the fatal crash.

Another motorist was able to get the tractor trailers vehicle information and the South Carolina Highway Patrol was able to locate the vehicle. It is not known at this time whether the tractor trailer actually struck Mr. Jennings' vehicle. The SCHP MAIT is investigating the circumstances of the crash.

Mr. Jennings is the 9th traffic fatality in Aiken County in 2010. Mr. Jennings died from multiple body trauma.


  1. this is so sad. something needs to be done about these tractor trailer drivers. i know not all are bad drivers, but the bar needs to be raised.

  2. I send up a prayer to Aaron’s Family and ask that everyone does the same. Aaron Jennings; A Man of many Facets of life, understanding, will, dedication, strength, and purpose! A man of much Love for Humanity, Knowledge of an Array of Subjects, Counsel for Many, Life of Fighting Trim, and Patience & Fortitude unprecedented! This Is truly a lost to the World as We Know It, because Aaron brought Life to many people and Many Situations! I have lost a Brother, a Friend, a Road Dogg, and a Partnering Humanitarian! Aaron Jennings is an active true Devotee to the Spirit of Truth, the Courage of Right vs. Wrong, Essence of Scholarship, and the Mortal Management of Self in the practice of restraint and the fundamental nature therein.
    I am Deeply Saddened in this event and ask God for the Strength of Understanding. Please send up a prayer for the Family of Aaron Jennings and all the countless people lives that changed today including me. The result of this undertaking will fuel the output and emotions of many lives forever. Today 04/08/2010, is a day that will set in all our hearts forever!
    A Serene & Noble Heart!
    Derrick T. Shaw, MBA, SSGB, EET

  3. When people die, we all find the great things to say about them, TRULY there is NOTHING BAD I can say about Aaron. I am an Alumni of SCSU, and everytime I saw him he had a hug and a smile to give.You will be missed!!!!
    Rest in perfect peace Mr. Jennings.

  4. When someone dies people usually react as if they were so close to the person and whatnot. But Aaron was honestly a great man,without a doubt. He helped me through a really rough time in my life and,helped greatly,save my life. I was heading down a horrible path,words can't describe. Aaron helped me achieve what needed to bchieved in order for me to live a positive happy,successful life. He spoke many words of wisdom that i have used nearly evreryday since he spoke them to me,he inspires me greatly and will continue to,always. He's in a better place now,watching over is all. Rest in peace Mr. Aaron Jennings. thank you for all you've done.

  5. What would people say about me if I passed? I have only known Aaron for about a month. I can say without a doubt that Aaron is a man that has impacted the lives of many people, old, young, all walks of life! There are many lives that will never be the same because of Aaron's presence. The long talks and countless texts will forever be missed Aaron! You are a true hero to many and your work selfless and admirable. Your family and friends are in my prayers. You have made more of an impact on people's lives than you will ever know! Rest in Peace Aaron,I thank God for allowing you to be a part of my life and my daughter's life as well. You will FOREVER be missed!

  6. Why is this in the jail report? Did i miss something

  7. Every time that I am on the highway I see a trucker driving like an idiot! I don't think that there are many of them on the roads now who actually know how to drive safely. I hope that this will be something that the authorities will look at closer. I was almost ran off of the road by one while driving to Charleston on I-26. And, from the posts that I have read, it resembles a drunk driving incident...the innocent good citizen dies while the creep lives to torture someone else. I hope that this guy does some serious jail time. My prayers and condolences to the Aaron's family.