Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Third Arrest in Gang Assault

Another teenager has been charged in the violent gang assault of a Butler High School student.

This morning, Richmond County investigators arrested 14-year-old Joshua Plowright at his Richmond Hill Road residence. The teen is charged with aggravated battery and unlawful criminal street gang activity in connection with Monday’s attack on a teen on Circular Drive.

The investigation continues and more arrests will be made, according to Lt. Scott Peebles.

Also arrested in the assault earlier this week were Berten Blockett, 16, and Mark Daniel Richard Musick, 14. According to Lt. Peebles, the victim was walking home from school Monday afternoon when a group of about five young males attacked him without provocation. The victim suffered multiple facial fractures.

The two suspects arrested earlier this week were fellow classmates of the victim at Butler High School, where they were arrested. The juveniles claim to be members of the “Apple Valley Posse,” and the assault was gang-related, though the victim is not a gang member or affiliate, Lt. Peebles said.


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