Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Attack with a Broom Handle

An Augusta woman's been charged with attacking her adult daughter with a broom handle.

Crystal Denise Reese, 44, of Woodsedge Drive, Augusta, has been charged with simple battery family violence.

Ms. Reese was reportedly arguing with her daughter Monday and then picked up a broom handle and attacked her daughter, a report states. The attack left the daughter with an eye that was visibly red and swollen, a sheriff's report states.

Ms. Reese told authorities that her daughter - identified as 23-year-old Latoya Thurmond - had come inside her apartment and began damaging property. A deputy observed items overturned and a hole in the dining room. No charges were filed against Ms. Thurmond.


  1. she shouldnt have been arrested. most kids these days neat a good ol' fashion beatdown.

  2. So someone can come in your home damage items, and you go to jail for defending your property?...The daughter should or could of been charged with a misdemeanor charge of criminal property damage or domestic violence...

  3. she look like a defensive lineman