Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Couple Charged with Faking Burglary for Insurance Scam

Columbia County authorities have charged a couple with faking a burglary at their Evans home and filing an insurance claim for more than $4,500 in jewelry.

Kevin Patat, 32 (bottom), and his wife, Amanda Patat, 32 (top), are accused of filing a false police report and creating a fraudulent insurance claim.

On Jan. 14, Mr. Patat reported a burglary at his residence on Brook Trail in Evans. He told a deputy he had locked all doors and windows on Jan. 13 and returned the next day to find the kitchen window shattered and on the kitchen floor.

He told authorities that he discovered his wife’s jewelry box missing from the master bathroom linen cabinet. He said the box contained his wife’s platinum wedding ring with a blue sapphire stone and diamonds, which Mr. Patat valued at $4,500. He also reported the theft of $200 gold earrings, a $50 silver charm bracelet and a $150 handheld mixer from the kitchen.

An investigation led to Mr. Patat’s arrest on Friday. Mrs. Patat was arrested Tuesday.

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  1. I wonder how he got caught? I've had my place broken into before, and they ask the usual questions, but nothing that was self-incriminating...So he must of been acting very suspicious...or things just wasn't adding up with him and his lady story...