Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Real Shiner

That hurts just looking at it.

That's 41-year-old John Hoard, who is sitting in the Richmond County Jail right now with one heckuva black eye. He was busted today for theft by conversion.

The victim, Stephen Bayazes Jr. of Belvedere, told authorities that Mr. Hoard worked for him and took a trailer and toolbox without his permission. Mr. Bayazes didn't even know his handmyman had taken the items until he was in Augusta at an acquaintance's house and saw the trailer. When he asked the acquaintance how he got it, the man said Mr. Hoard had sold him the item. Busted!

No details yet on what led to the black eye, but we are wondering whether the victim didn't like having his stuff taken. Just a theory.


  1. you gots knocks the F&*( OUT!!!!

  2. For some reason he reminds me of Danny Bonaduce.