Monday, February 22, 2010

Unlawful Use of Telephone

Aiken County authorities have charged two people with unlawful use of telephone in separate cases over the last 24 hours.

Chelsea Stone, 26, of Windsor (top), was charged with the offense this morning. Jail records show she was just one previous arrest in Aiken County - a March 2008 for criminal domestic violence.

But criminal charges are nothing new for 35-year-old Kevin Winburn of Aiken. He was busted early this morning for unlawful use of telephone, the second time in seven months that he's been charged with the offense. In addition, he has a long criminal record that includes charges for harassment, trespassing, burglary, DUI, probation violation and domestic violation of a court order.


  1. Um,and just what exactly is "unlawful use of the telephone"? Prank calls? Ordering Papa Johns to a stranger's house? Hitting your lover with the phone?

  2. The were calling Obama about the new health plan.

  3. I think it is running a wire from your neighbors boox to your house and using the phone