Friday, February 19, 2010

Mom Doesn't Care About Son Anymore

An Augusta mother abandoned her 11-year-old son at a convenience store and then told authorities that she "didn't care what happened to him," according to a sheriff's report.

Angela Paschall, 32, has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The incident occurred in November, but the mother fled to Atlanta afterward and was not captured until Wednesday, according to jail records.

A sheriff's report spells out what happened on Nov. 28, two days after Thanksgiving:

Officers got a call to respond to Espinosa Street to the home of the 11-year-old boy's grandmother, Ruthie Mae Paschall. The grandmother told authorities that her grandson came to her home and said his mother had made him exit her vehicle outside Kervin's Corner Store on Peach Orchard Road. She then drove away. When the grandmother contacted Angela Paschall to come get her son, she refused.

An officer called the suspect over the phone, and she claimed her 11-year-old son had run away from the store. When the deputy asked Angela Paschall to come pick up her son, she refused, saying, "I'm tired of this s***. I've been calling police every time he runs away, and y'all won't never help."

The mother refused to retrieve her son and said she didn't care what happened, even if she went to jail. She told the officer that they could contact the Department of Children and Family Services, and that she "is tired of dealing with the actions of her son."

The mother told the officer that she had driven to Atlanta and didn't care what happened to her son.

Officers contacted DFACS and the 11 year old was turned over to them.


  1. guess she already claimed him on yer taxes this year. i bet she will care where he is when its time to claim him again. she needs a court ordered histarectemy. (dont care if i didnt spell it right)

  2. I thought HAVING babies= more welfare, not abandoning them. This is weird.

  3. these kids are too much. they don't listen. there is no help out here for trouble kids. they only way police get involved is when its too late. the daddies are not around/ the saying goes mammas baby/daddy baby if he feel like it that day. mothers don't have a choice.

  4. I am unsure if this mother abandoned this child or not we were not there and based on what she is saying he appears troubled and she has sought help and been unsucessful. so before you go casting stones realize that you do not know the full story and you can say what you will do but until placed in the situation you do not know what you will do. take it from someone who works with troubled youth on a daily basis some parents do all they can and they seek the help of law enforcement and the department of family and children services but are constantly told there is nothing that can be done to help the parent save this child. so for those who bash the mother why dont you go to DFCS and ask can you be a foster parent fo the child. lets see how amny of you jump to do this like you jumped to cast your stones. fyi i do not condone abandoing your children but i do not condone one sided judgement either. you assume the information documented in this report is the gospel truth but ask yourself this why did it take the police 3 months to find the parent, were they actively looking for her so that they can get justice for the abandoned child or were they waiting for her to pop out. i am sure it was the latter.

  5. I find the printed "facts" in this story very hard to believe. I also work with troubled youths and in most cases if the police want to find a parent, especially for abandonement of a child it doesn't take three months, usually not even three days. Who checks out this information before it is printed? While I feel that our children should be protected by the laws of our country, because they cannot advocate for themselves, there has been a system developed that makes these children think they can do what ever they want whenever they want to; including being unruly, disrepectful, and sometimes having NO regards to discipline from a parent. Parents are held accoutable for the actions of their children until they reach the age of 17 and even after that, if the child is a "burden on the system" we often judge the parent as opposed to the laws that protected the childs actions and unruly behavior leading up to this point. The report clearly says that the parent had been calling the police every time the child ran away, this sounds like multiple times to me. What did the police do at this point? Obviously nothing because the child continued to run away at will; there had to have been no abuse or neglect at this time because the child was returned to the mother. I think it is the juvenile justice system and the laws that have been put in place to protect the rights of our children that needs a hysterectomy. Let's not be so quick to judge our parents of today, sometimes putting it in BLACK and WHITE for all to read does not make it true. Now that the parent has been arrested, where is the child? I would really like to know; did the police ensure that he was placed in a safe and loving home or is he now abandoned by the system?

  6. That's what I want to know - where is this child now? Something is missing from this story - on the one hand, you report this mother was "just captured" after being missing since dropping off the child. On the other, you report police called her and asked her to pick the child up and then you give her response. The key point here is - police had her phone number and when they called SHE ANSWERED! Doesn't sound like someone on the run from police. Also, Mom says she called police every time he ran away and they did nothing. If you are a reputable newspaper this would be easy to check out. If she did indeed make numerous reports to police there should be records, right? How about checking that out and getting back to us. Other wise I can't understand why they wouldn't help her out. But let me guess...she lives in the Hood and law enforcement didn't take her pleas seriously, right? Once again, check it out and get back to us...