Monday, February 8, 2010

No Joke

A homeless man was busted early Sunday for offering to tell jokes for money in downtown Augusta.

Someone complained to authorities about 27-year-old Cameron Yazelle panhandling in downtown Augusta. An officer found him walking in and out of traffic around 2 a.m. Sunday at Broad and 10th streets. He appeared highly intoxicated, a report states.

The officer found the man with a cardboard sign that read, "Jokes $0.25".

Mr. Yazelle was arrested but fought with the officer. Once the deputy got the suspect in the patrol car, the man "started to bang his head on the rear driver side window, causing it to bow out and separate from the door itself," a report states.

The damage to the patrol car led the deputy to charge Mr. Yazelle with interference with government property.

And that's no joke.


  1. Well i guess he don't have to worry about being homeless, and that's just one more inmate our taxes will house, feed, and cloth. I mean really this economy is so bad, it will eventually come down to the prison system or the military...We as a country spend Millions if not billions into both systems yearly.

  2. did he walk all the way from the Valley, or did he thumb a ride?

  3. I'd give him 3.50$. I bet he's got better jokes Then on the T.V.