Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brazen Carjacking on Broad Street

A teenager was busted today for robbing a woman of her car along Broad Street.

According to authorities, the victim was approached at 10 o'clock this morning by 17-year-old Uriah Sterling on the 300 block of Broad Street. The teen displayed a gun and demanded the keys to the victim’s vehicle.

The suspect then took the victim's keys and drove away in her vehicle. Deputies searched the area for the victim's vehicle and found it nearby with Uriah still inside. He was charged with armed robbery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

We're not sure how Uriah planned to get away with the robbery if he was going to carjack someone and then ride around in the vehicle in the same neighborhood. But then again, they don't call them dumb crooks for nothing.


  1. And you wonder why everyone is moving to Columbia, Co.

  2. maybe he wanted to go to jail because he missed the rest of his family!

  3. lol you all are too funny

  4. Yall gOne hve tO get Off my brOtha na shiid sTop worrin bOut his situation nd wOrri bOut urz hOw bOut dhat.!!