Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wine Glass to the Head

A Martinez woman was arrested last week for attacking her boyfriend with a wine glass and then using the broken pieces as a knife to cut him, according to a Richmond County sheriff's report.

Sara Jones, 34, was charged with battery. She is accused of attacking 36-year-old Brian Smith at his home on Pendleton Road in Augusta.

According to the victim, the couple were drinking Feb. 9 and got into a fight over a pack of cigarettes. Ms. Jones had demanded that her boyfriend pay her for the cigarettes that she bought him or return the pack.

He refused to do so, and she "picked up a wine glass and struck him in the head with it," a report states. "She began to use the remaining piece as a knife."

Ms. Jones allegedly cut her boyfriend on his left forearm, left wrist and the left side of his back. While trying to remove the glass from Ms. Jones' hand, the victim broke his girlfriend's right wrist, a report states.

Ms. Jones ran from the home, but a deputy found her at Doctor's Hospital, where she was being treated for her wrist injury. Mr. Smith was transported to University Hospital for his injuries, which also included a deep bite mark.

Needless to say, we imagine Valentine's Day did not go so well for the couple.


  1. Battery a simple misdemeanor....come on! sounds more like a aggravated assault...or at least domestic violence...She used the glass a weapon, and then continued cutting him and bit him..thats a very serious if you ask me

  2. The VICTIM broke HER wrist while trying to remove a piece of glass from her hand? That is probably where this incident started, but she refused to tell on her boyfriend.

    If a male had used a weapon to harm a female, He would have been charged with a felony.

  3. Not sure why she was just charged with battery and not aggravated assault...she used glass as a weapon and her charges should have reflected such...was her wrist really broken? All this for a pack of smokes...and what's up with a grown woman biting?

  4. Just pure trash!!! They should take the boy and the girl both to jail and lock them away for a while until they can learn to control themselves a little better. I mean, let's get real, a physical fight over a pack of smokes!!! Ain't love grand!

  5. Match made in heaven! Betcha they'll kiss & make up. That's what usually happens when addicts fall "in love".

  6. She's a Beauty! LOL...what a shame!