Saturday, February 27, 2010

CCSO: Man Terrorizes Grandma

A man was charged Friday with terrorizing his grandma, threatening to "rip her throat out" and yanking her phone out of the wall when she tried to call 911, according to Columbia County authorities.

Harry Tommy Douglas, 24, was reportedly upset that his grandmother had a trespassing warning issued against his girlfriend. He allegedly entered his grandmother's bedroom and pushed her onto a bed, according to a sheriff's report.

"Tommy told her he was going to kill her and rip her throat out if she caused any more trouble," a deputy wrote in his report. "(The victim) stated she was in fear of her life and tried to call 911. ... When she picked up the phone to dial 911, Tommy ripped the phone from her hand and then from the wall. (She) was able to call 911 from her cell phone. When Tommy realized she had called 911, he fled the scene prior to deputies arrival."

Mr. Douglas was captured Friday and arrested on charges of simple battery of a person over 65 years old and interfering with calls for emergency assistance. He remains in jail today under a $3,200 bond.


  1. More tax dollars to foot the bill for this piece of trash.Big, tough guy pushing your grandma. Bet you rarely stand up to grown men. You are weak.

  2. Anyone with eyes that squinty and close together should be watched.

  3. 3200? It should be 3.2 million !! Get a look at this crazed thing. He should be jailed for that ridiculous look. Big bad boy picking on grandma.

  4. Went to school with this kid... he's been pickin' on granny since gradeschool...