Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pair Busted for Stealing Hair Coloring Worth $5

Two young women from Augusta were busted Tuesday for shoplifting a $5 hair coloring pack at King's Beauty Supply on Dean's Bridge Road.

Breona Isaac, 18 (top), and Chelsea Worthem, 19 (bottom), were each charged with shoplifting the item because they tag-teamed the theft, a report states.

Store employee Yong Byon told authorities he observed the women walk into the store together and then go to the aisle where the "Each Jazzing" hair color item was located. Breona pointed to the item and Chelsea picked it up, took it to another aisle and then exit the store with her friend.

Mr. Byon stopped the suspects and found Chelsea with the $5 item in her purse. A responding officer heard Breona tell Chelsea to "tell them she wasn't involved." But Chelsea was overheard saying "They got us on camera talking about it, I aint gonna lie to them."

The two were then arrested and taken to the Richmond County Jail.

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  1. hope that $5 bottle was worth it...because your future is now tarnished when it comes to getting a job if convicted that is.