Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Arrested: Grovetown Man Texts Picture of Genitalia to Stranger

A Grovetown was arrested on an obscenity charge after he sent a picture of his genitalia to a stranger over his phone, according to Columbia County authorities.

Sean Chance, 38, of Whiskey Road, Grovetown, was charged with distributing obscene material depicting nudity or sexual content.

A Grovetown woman called Columbia County authorities after she received an obscene picture message on her cell phone from an unknown person in September. The 49-year-old woman said she was unfamiliar with the telephone number and didn’t know who might have sent it.

Authorities investigated the picture and charged Mr. Chance last week with the offense. Capt. Steve Morris said the woman did not know Mr. Chance and it is possible he sent it to the woman by mistake. But the charges were warranted, he said.

“He sent it. She received it. It was unwanted. It was obscene. We charged accordingly,” Capt. Morris said.


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