Thursday, December 10, 2009

Authorities Call ICE After Immigrant's 4th Arrest

Aiken County authorities have notified the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) following the arrest of 22-year-old Jorge Ortiz for a probation violation.

Where has ICE been for the last three arrests? Authorities have previously accused the immigrant of committing forgery in North Augusta (2005), drunk driving in North Augusta (2006) and stealing credit cards in Aiken (2007). He also has previous charges of credit card fraud and a second drunk driving offense in June 2007.

What does it take for authorities to deport someone these days? Do they have to kill somebody in a drunk driving accident? We're just asking.


  1. I agree whole-heartedly with The Jail Reports question. Why is ICE not notified of EVERY illegal aliens arrest?

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  3. Aiken County and South Carolina in general is flooded with illegal aliens. Metz Drive off of Martintown Rd. looks like a Mexican slum. 15-20 people to a house. It's insane. The people better wake up in this country. The US is on it's way to becoming a third world cesspool just like Mexico.

  4. oh yeah well first look at all the crack heads 95% of them are white at least Hispanics work hard and yeah they make mistakes that's true but at least they dont go around killing people ore raping family members like some of ya'll and they don't kill cops so get your priority's right first before you start jubging others!!!!!!