Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Man Killed During Burglary in Augusta

A burglar was killed in Augusta this morning during a break-in, authorities said.

The man has been tentatively identified as 41-year-old Charles Rodriquez Harris (pictured above during a previous arrest). He was reportedly shot in the back and abdomen while breaking into a residence at 1030 6th Avenue in Augusta, authorities said.

An officer responding to a burglary at the home discovered Mr. Harris' body. Upon further investigation, it was learned that the residence at 1030 6th Avenue had been burglarized and the unidentified black male was the perpetrator, Sgt. Dresser said. Mr. Harris was confronted and shot during the incident.

The shooter, who was attempting to stop the burglary, was questioned and released pending further investigation, according to Sgt. Blaise Dresser.
It was also discovered that Mr. Harris had property that was linked to another burglary that occurred earlier this morning on the 1500 block of Wrightsboro Road.

The coroner has tried unsuccessfully to notify Mr. Harris' next of kin. Anyone that has knowledge of a family member of Harris (also known as Marquet Jones) is asked to call the Richmond County Coroner’s Office at 706 821-2382.


  1. I guess he did not learn his lesson the 1st time. This man has been to prison for the same thing more then one time!!! Sorry for his family

  2. Such a loss to society. Just breaks my heart.