Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Highs & Lows

When a North Augusta woman was arrested Tuesday morning, she didn't seem as happy as she did during her 2003 arrest (bottom mugshot).

Tiffany Vaughn, 27, had to be restrained in the jail following her arrest by Aiken public safety officers for marijuana possession. Her Tuesday mugshot (top) shows her near tears as she is held in place by the restraint device.

Without commenting on Tiffany's situation, Aiken County jail officials told us that the restraint device can be used when detainees are on suicide or medial watch, or it can be used when a person is a threat to others.

Still, Tiffany's mood seems vastly different from her 2003 arrest for marijuana possession and shoplifting, when she appears on cloud nine. (She was also busted in 2002 for DUI, but that mugshot looks pretty normal.)

If she's depressed, we hope she gets the attention she needs (and stays off the weed).


  1. good luck weed head

  2. some people never change.....

  3. I hope she can get it together for her daughter's sake.

  4. She was arrested for the same thing on dec 24th also!! OMG