Sunday, December 6, 2009

Injured Detainees in Aiken County Jail, Part 3

We thought we might see a break between detainees who looked more like hospital patients than criminal suspects in the Aiken County Jail.

Apparently not.

Michael Kelsey, 39, of North Augusta, was arrested this afternoon for driving under suspension and driving left of center, a traffic offense suggesting he was in a car accident. That would explain the mugshot that shows him with bandages covering much of his face.

To see what he actually looked like before his accident, look at the bottom mugshot, taken in April when he was also busted for driving under suspension.

Mr. Kelsey is a repeat offender who's been in the Aiken County Jail SEVEN times since 2000 for a load of charges, including marijuana possession, violation of liquor law, DUI, open container, trespassing, public drunk, filing a false report, possession of drug paraphernalia, giving false information to police and failure to pay child support.

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