Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busted for Drugs in a Neighboring County

Charles Kennedy's in trouble again for drugs, this time in a different county.

The 32-year-old Augusta man was arrested Saturday in Columbia County on a felony charge of obtaining dangerous drugs by fraud. (top mugshot)

If Charles looks familiar, it's because he was featured on the front page of The Jail Report over the summer following his arrest for criminal attempted possession of dangerous drugs (bottom mugshot). That charge was filed by Richmond County authorities. Plus, it's hard to miss Charles with his distinctive neck tattoo.

As you can probably tell, the Richmond County Jail takes better mugshots. (No offense, Columbia County. You just need a flash or something to add more lighting.)

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  1. I don't see any humor in the jokes of mugs shots. This man has family and why do you see humor in mugshots of any county..I can't imagine anyone could get pleasure knowing families are involved here too... So try to find better things to amuse yourself with than pictures that loved ones don't like to see at all...What has happened to compassion. Jude 20-23