Monday, August 3, 2009

Driving Drunk in a Stolen Vehicle

Talk about some teenage drama. Aiken County authorities charged an Augusta teenager over the weekend with driving a stolen vehicle while intoxicated. Plus, 18-year-old Julia Baitman of Augusta didn't even have a driver's license, according to jail records.

And to make matters worse, they say the teenager didn't stop immediately when a S.C. Highway Patrol trooper turned on his blue lights to pull her over on Saturday.

She was booked on four charges, including DUI, failure to stop for blue lights, possession of a stolen vehicle and no driver's license. She remains in the Aiken County Detention Center today.

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  1. omg im all the way in florida and i heard about this. that gurl need jesus this is her cousin and i cant believe this well i kind of can because shes a badd a** but she deserves what ever punishment she gets because her godmother(the owner of stolen car) will do anything for that girl and for julia to just take that car was all out wrong. yall should keep her in there . because at rate she going shes better off in there .yall put her back on these streets shes gonna end up dead i've tried to talk to her we all have but she want to do it her way. so yall do it your way! ---Rachel..your lil cousin.