Thursday, August 27, 2009

Couple Charged with Stealing from Goodwill

An Augusta woman and her husband have been charged with stealing clothes from the donation area of the Peach Orchard Goodwill.

Phillip Barrett, 22, and his wife, Samantha Barrett, 22 (shown here), were each arrested on Monday and charged with misdemeanor theft by taking.

The couple are accused of stealing more than $400 worth of clothing and other items from the donation area outside of the Goodwill on Peach Orchard Road. Loss Prevention Officer Brian Grady reported the thefts, telling authorities he had video surveillance of thefts occurring repeatedly between May 30 and July 12.

In an interview today with The Jail Report, Mr. Barrett called the matter a misunderstanding. He said he's never been to the donation area of Goodwill. Mr. Barrett said his wife has been there to donate items and ran into a woman donating children's clothes and "a bouncy thing."

"The lady gave her some stuff," Mr. Barrett said. "She told her she could have it."

Mr. Barrett said he manages a cab company and wouldn't need to steal from Goodwill. He doesn't believe that investigators actually have a videotape.

It sounds like Mr. Barrett intends to fight the charges in court.

(By the way, Mr. Barrett said the name "Selena" tattooed on his neck is the name of his daughter.)


  1. damn orange cabs!!!!!Its a shame if your stealing from the goodwill then you are probally stealing from the people who ride in your cabs on a daily basis. I think this is wrong and you shouldnt be able to drive the people of augusta around.