Thursday, August 20, 2009

Third Cross-Dresser Arrested in Aiken County

Aiken County has custody of its third cross-dresser in the last month.

Eric Jamal Burton, 23, of Johnston was arrested this morning for driving under suspension (second offense), giving false information to police and disregarding a stop sign. The 5-feet,6-inch tall man came in wearing long hair and makeup. He's been placed in his own cell, Aiken County jailers say.

We've included mugshots from his previous arrests. He was arrested previously in 2004 and 2005 for shoplifting, failure to comply with officer's order, grand larceny, and false information.

The Aiken County Detention Center has hosted two other cross-dressers in the last month. "That is the most I've seen," a jailer told The Jail Report.


  1. hello, i think the jailreport is good to have you know what people are doing maybe there get it togather after they see what they look like

  2. wow, if i was this guy i would sue the heck outta jail report for talking about him in such a predjudice manor! along with the other 2 people!

  3. To the first commenter: Yeah, it seems like he did get it together. Because he made sure when he was caught again that his hair looked nothing like in the 2nd photo and his makeup with perfect haha.

    He's pretty.