Friday, August 28, 2009

Drunk Driving on a Thursday night

Matthew Silvester, 34, of New Ellenton, is smirking for his most recent mugshot. (Top photo.)

We don't know why. It's his second time being arrested for DUI in Aiken County. This time, New Ellenton police pulled him over Thursday night and busted him for being impaired. They also realized he was not supposed to be driving since his driver's license was suspended for a previous DUI arrest.

According to jail records, Mr. Silvester got arrested by the South Carolina Highway Patrol on Oct. 7 for drunk driving. (Bottom photo.) In that case, he was also accused of causing property damage in a hit & run.

We're not sure we'd be grinning for our mugshot with such serious charges on our record.

1 comment:

  1. Lock him up...we don't need irresponsible repeat offenders like this on the road.