Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A shameless Calvin White smiled for his mugshot this morning after his capture in connection with a string of six robberies in Augusta.

Authorities put an end to the man’s month-long robbery spree with his arrest at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday at the corner of Eve Street and Watkins Street.

The 28-year-old suspect has been identified as the bank robber who held up the Georgia Bank & Trust on 8th Street last week. In addition, he’s been fingered as the suspect in five other robberies, including the robbery of the Econo Lodge on 15th Street on Sunday afternoon and the Subway on 13th Street on Monday evening.

The break came Sunday when a robbery victim saw the man who had robbed her preparing to enter a hotel.

“She called the front desk of the hotel and advised them to lock the door, which they were able to do before the suspect could enter,” said Lt. Scott Peebles. “The victim then obtained the tag number.”

Moments later, the suspect robbed the Econo Lodge. By late Monday, investigators had found the truck that the victim had seen, along with the truck’s driver. While securing warrants for Mr. White’s arrest, Subway was robbed and Mr. White was identified as the suspect from video surveillance, which was obtained in all of the robberies.

Mr. White has been identified as the suspect in six robberies:
• Aug. 10: Walton Way Supermarket, 1931 Walton Way
• Aug. 10: Budget Inn, 444 Broad St.
• Aug. 14: Budget Inn, 444 Broad St.
• Aug. 20 Georgia Bank and Trust, 32 8th St.
• Aug. 23: Econo Lodge, 1103 15th St.
• Aug. 24: Subway, 203 13th St.

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  1. Why would anyone be shocked at him laughing..It is shown that when they do get caught there is not enough concequences for stealing and the police force keeps getting their hands tied all the way around.. So he knows and others you walk..But not by the next life.. Thou shalt not steal... God's Commandment