Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update: Aiken Man Charged with Murder after Drunk-Fest

Updated at 11:17 a.m.:

As The Jail Report told you first, Aiken County authorities have arrested a man in connection with a weekend murder.

According to Coroner Tim Carlton, 20-year-old Allen Tufano has been charged in the stabbing death of his friend, 20-year-old Dancer Richter.

The victim was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at the Aiken Regional Medical Center Emergency Room at about 10 pm last night. Mr. Richter was transported to the ER from the front yard of a residence on Partridge Bend Rd., near New Ellenton SC.

"Mr. Richter had been stabbed multiple times, allegedly by a friend, Mr. Allen C. Tufano," the coroner said in a press release. "According to witnesses, the pair had been drinking , scuffling, and rough housing all day. At approximately 9 pm, the rough housing turned deadly when Mr. Tufano aquired a knife and stabbed his friend."

Mr. Richter is scheduled for autopsy this morning in Newberry. This is the 14th Homicide in Aiken County in 2009.

Mr. Tufano is a repeat offender who's seen the inside of the Aiken County Jail several times. In 2008, he was arrested for assault & battery of a high & aggravated nature as well as malicious injury to property. Earlier this year, he was arrested three times for charges that include criminal domestic violence, disorderly conduct gross intoxication, driving under suspension and open container.


  1. What a loser. Such a violent criminal at an early age. Being a drunk is no excuse. He's gonna be exactly where he belongs, for a very long time I hope!

  2. It is easy to judge from a comfortable environment. Its harder to be so cold when you have watched him grow up. He was raised with love and taught right from wrong. Please pray for this man and his family. They are good people.

  3. this family is not "good people" I see them everyday in passing, one family member is an aids infected druggie, his mother harbors deadly dogs, who have killed hree cats this pst year, and her son Allen, had even thretened to shut a man up where he lived!! this man is worthless, and the rest of the family is too!!! someone who is raised with love and respect does not grow up to stab a man to death!!!! and being drunk is the lamest exscuse in the book! this entire family is making life miserable for many people in the Aiken and New ellenton area miserable!!!!!!

  4. allen has been released on bond. someone paid a murders bond of $150,000 and got him out!!!!!

  5. Did he really only get eight years imprisonment?

  6. I am Danny's mother(dancer), Allen Tufano was 36 years old when he murdered my son Danny (Dancer) and yes he only got 8 yrs for it. What is wrong with this country when you kill a person and get so little time.Allen didn't even get charged with giving beer to a minor, that should have put this menses away for life!

    1. sorry about your son, but allen is a long time friend of mind and he had to do what he had to, your son was bigger then him and he had to to defend him him self. sorry about your less.