Wednesday, November 18, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: The Story Behind the Arrest of a North Augusta Cop

A three-year veteran officer of the North Augusta Public Safety Department was suspended from his duties today after his arrest for criminal domestic violence.

Officer Brandon Cameron, 27, of Williston (above),
was arrested by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office on the single CDV charge after a bizarre incident that ended this morning in the parking lot of the Windsor Fire Department.

In a three-page sheriff's report obtained by The Jail Report, a sheriff's deputy spells out in great detail what happened:

Officer Cameron said he was arguing with live-in girlfriend Lindsy Bowers while they were traveling west on Highway 78. Ms. Bowers was driving when she crossed the center line into oncoming traffic with an 18-wheeler traveling east. She over-corrected and ran off the road in the westbound lane, causing both passenger tires to go flat. The vehicle came to rest in the parking lot of the fire department.

Ms. Bowers told the officer that the couple kept arguing after the accident. Officer Cameron told her that he was going to walk home, but returned after walking a short distance.

"She grabbed one of the four pistols in the vehicle and discharged into the ground 'to let him know she was serious' and to leave her alone," a sheriff's report states. "The victim then stated that she fell to her knees and laid the weapon down on the ground."

Officer Cameron then took the gun and placed it back in the vehicle. Ms. Bowers returned to the driver's side and sat down in the truck.

She told sheriff's officers that her boyfriend grabbed her and tried to pull her out of the vehicle, but lost his grip and fell to the ground, injuring his elbow. He then got up and grabbed Ms. Bowers again and "threw her to the ground, causing her to strike the right side of her head on the ground." She suffered a cut to her head.

"The subject then climbed on top of her while she was on the ground, yelling that he loved her, he was sorry and she was crazy and needed help," the sheriff's report states, quoting the victim's account.

After sheriff's officials were alerted to the incident and started to arrest the North Augusta officer, Ms. Bowers became upset and asked to pull her statement from the investigation, according to the sheriff's report.

The report also indicates that Officer Cameron gave conflicting stories of what happened and failed to mention the gunfire in his original account.

After an investigation, Officer Cameron was arrested and transported to the Aiken County Detention Center, where the mugshot above was taken.

The North Augusta Department of Public Safety issued a press release this afternoon, announcing the officer's suspension:

Cameron has since been suspended from his duties as a public safety officer as the Sheriff’s Office continues their investigation," North Augusta Lt. Tim Pearson states in the release.

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