Saturday, November 7, 2009

Illegal Hunting in Aiken County

Two Jackson men were charged Friday night after authorities apparently found one of them hunting deer illegally.

According to jail records, 17-year-old Brandon Griffis (top) and 17-year-old Jonathan Seamon (bottom) were arrested by officers with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources. Brandon was charged with hunting from a public road, having a doe deer without a tag and giving false information to law enforcement. Jonathan Seamon was charged only with giving false information to law enforcement.

According to SCDNR hunting regulations, it is unlawful to hunt from a public road unless the hunter has permission to hunt the adjacent property. Hunting as used in this section includes possessing, carrying, or having readily accessible, a loaded centerfire rifle, or a shotgun loaded with shot size larger than number four. Loaded means a weapon within which any ammunition is contained.

This does not include weapons contained in a closed compartment, closed vehicle trunk, or a vehicle traveling on a public road. A person convicted of unlawful road hunting forfeits hunting privileges for one year.

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