Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shoplifting Increases as Christmas Shopping Begins

With Halloween behind us, retailers are already gearing up for the Christmas shopping season with discounts and seasonal sales. It seems shoplifters are hitting the pavement just as hard.

The Aiken County Detention Center took in four people for shoplifting arrests within a short time frame this week. Each of these suspects were charged with a single count of shoplifting:

  • Jennifer Yaun, 28, of Graniteville (top photo)
  • Michael Barbour, 17, of Belvedere (second photo from top)
  • Nellie Bennington, 29, of Graniteville (third photo from top)
  • Sarah Watkins, 24, of Langley (bottom photo)
Think of all the stuff these people could have purchased legally with the amount of money they will spend dealing with their arrest. It's a shame, really.

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  1. Where are the others? Why are these singled out?