Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Augusta Singer Arrested Twice Within 4 Hours

A member of an Augusta cover band was arrested twice within four hours last week, according to sheriff's reports.

Kirk Jessmer, a member of Hot Rock Gods, was first arrested at 11:28 pm on Oct. 29 for disorderly conduct. According to a sheriff's report, Mr. Jessmer was very intoxicated when an ambulance arrived at his apartment, and he would not allow medics to see the person who called for help.

Mr. Jessmer, 43, of 243 Ellis Street, Augusta, was taken to the Richmond County Detention Center and later released. But the problems didn't stop there. He started threatening neighbors when he got home, a report states. "Subject was still intoxicated as well," the report states.

So Mr. Jessmer went back to jail at 3:39 a.m. Oct. 30 for another disorderly conduct charge. He was booked again and had a second mugshot taken. In fact, he still had on the same T-shirt from his earlier arrest.

The singer and bassist will have to answer both charges on the same court date: December 3.

According to the singer's MySpace page, Hot Rock Gods currently functions as a rock cover band with some original material. They are a trio of well-seasoned musicians from the Aiken-Augusta area who promise to provide a "badass rock and roll show."

We wonder if he'll write a song about his jail experience. Now, that would be "badass."


  1. Begs the question, if he was still drunk why ya let him out?

  2. good going whoever let this clown out

  3. He still gets drunk and disorderly. In fact the Sheriff was called twice the other night because he was driving and hit something on the property. Then again for driving his car on the property. When the Sheriff arrived the 2nd time there was a large amount of alcohol in his car and he was behind the wheel. He got smart with the Deputy but didn't get arrested. He was told not to move his car again. However he did but no one showed up when called a 3rd time. This guy is dangerous and needs to have his license revoked and remanded to rehab. Does he need to kill someone first?