Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bizarre Fight Plays Out in Hephzibah

Two men were arrested this week after a bizarre incident in Hephzibah.

Deputies responded to Tracy Drive on Tuesday afternoon and found 27-year-old Jason Pinson (above), who admitted he had come to the home to fight the homeowner, Bobby Price. He also fully admitted damaging the resident's mailbox, a report states. Witnesses say Mr. Pinson also threw some socket wrenches at the home, breaking at least one window.

If that wasn't enough, the homeowner responded by coming outside with a shotgun and firing it at the troublemaker, who was standing in the road. Mr. Price told authorities that he fired the gun to scare Mr. Pinson away.

A sheriff's report doesn't mention what the men were fighting about, but it says Mr. Pinson had sent the homeowner a text message saying he was coming over to fight him.

Mr. Pinson was subsequently arrested for criminal trespass and simple assault. Mr. Price (no mugshot available) was charged with reckless conduct.

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  1. Next time throw a monkey wrench, they don't miss!