Monday, January 25, 2010

Suspects in McDonald's Murder

Four suspects have been charged in connection with Sunday morning's shooting death of Sergio Campbell in the parking lot of McDonald's on Dean's Bridge Road.

A motive has not been discussed in the case.

Three people were each charged with one count of murder, two counts of aggravated assault and one count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. They are:
  • Sean Christopher Bryant, 19, of Alex Lane, Augusta (top mugshot)
  • Harry Lee Jones, 21, of Wharton Drive, Augusta (second mugshot from the top)
  • Kevin Antwan Williams, 19, of Stevens Road, Augusta (third mugshot)
A fourth suspect, 20-year-old Marques Antonio Robinson (bottom mugshot) was charged with making false statements in a government matter. He is the half brother of Mr. Williams.

According to Lt. Scott Peebles, more arrests are possible.

"Further details of the incident cannot yet be released," he said in a press release.


  1. Augusta is turning into hell! All these deaths by young men like you from nothing. I guess no one raises their children anymore. These BOYS are barely out of high school murdering eachother. Waste of sperm

  2. "i guess no one raises their children anymore." i hate comments like this, parents can't control every decision their child decides to do in life...what is a real ''waste of sperm''? Is acting like you have such a problem seeing youths murdering each other, but you don't take action..or do anything about it! why not put the blame on you! you don't know these peoples parents to pass judgment like that...people always got to put their 2 cents in on a blog site on how bad this city is getting, but does nothing to help reach out to the youths, and then got the audacity to put blame on the parents. when you need to look at your own life! no ones perfect, and everyone sins

  3. them dumb black boyz why would you kill somebody for someone else so you to be in a gang

  4. EVERYONE should have a problem seeing youths murder one another. Yes I am. I have a real big problem with that. If you don't then there is something very wrong with you. As a baby you teach your children how to eat crawl walk and run. As a child you teach them how to respect eachother, love one another, and respect one another. and as a young man you teach them how to be responsible, which leads to being a productive man and woman. No one is perfect and yes everyone sins. BUT not everyone kills. You want people to respect you and and treat you with respect. Respect the lives of others and their families which these young men clearly were not taught by parents, guardians, or who ever raised them. I am assuming you have someone else to blame. If their parents tried to raised them and failed, then they get an A for effort and I am sure they are hurting. But we all know that some of these young men were failed by someone or something, but the responsibility comes from HOME!!!

  5. maybe they just failed their selves. I just watched today...1/28/2010...a mother and a father both Christians and raised the boy up in church and raised him with respect, morals, having responsibilities, but when the boy turn 18 he got a little freedom, a car, and started living how he wanted...its not always the parents and how their raised...that boy is 20 and got sentenced 10 years today...

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