Friday, January 22, 2010

Man Slips Drugs to Brother at Medical Prison

A man was busted Wednesday for trying to slip marijuana and cocaine to his brother during visitation at the Augusta State Medical Prison, authorities said.

Larry Welborn, 23, of Athens, was visiting his brother, Allah Blakely, who is an inmate at the medical prison on Gordon Highway. Prison Officer Larry Redd observed Mr. Welborn
hand his brother something under the table, at which time Mr. Blakley lifted his rear up and sat on the item, a report states.

After a search, Mr. Blakley was found with four plastic bags taped together containing a total of 80 grams of marijuana as well as a green baggie with 2.9 grams of crack cocaine.

Mr. Welborn was charged with two counts of crossing the guard lines, one each for the marijuana and crack cocaine. Both are felonies. He was transported to the Richmond County Jail.

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  1. that has been going for years. tell us people something we don't know