Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fraudulent Checks & Five-Finger Discounts

Take note, store managers.

We wouldn't recommend taking a check from 32-year-old Lori Widener of Aiken. Heck, we wouldn't even allow her to shop our store based on her jail record.

On Tuesday, the woman was busted by North Augusta officers on a shoplifting charge - 3rd or more offense. In addition, she was charged with three counts of issuing fraudulent checks and one count of providing false information to officers, according to jail records.

Ms. Widener has a lengthy record in Aiken County, and she's wanted for other offenses in Lexington and Charleston counties.

Here's a look at her previous charges in Aiken County:

  • May 2009: Malicious injury to property, criminal domestic violence
  • February 2009: 7 counts of contempt, one count of drug paraphernalia
  • June 2008: Shoplifting, six counts of fraudulent checks
  • September 2007: Four counts of shoplifting
Store managers: consider yourself warned.

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