Thursday, January 7, 2010

Greenbrier Teacher Hit with Car; Teen Charged

A 17-year-old has been charged with hitting a Greenbrier High School teacher with his car Tuesday because the teacher wouldn't get out of his way, a sheriff's report states. The teacher was not injured.

Tyler Pierce Lee, 17, was charged with aggravated assault in the incident outside the high school.

According to a report: teacher Christopher Lane was directing traffic outside the school at about 3 p.m. Tuesday and stopped Mr. Lee's vehicle because the teen was driving the wrong way at a high rate of speed. Mr. Lee yelled at the teacher to "get the f*** out of the way." The social studies teacher asked Mr. Lee to calm down, but the teen repeated his obscenity-laced demand.

When the teacher wouldn't move, Mr. Lee allegedly accelerated forward, hitting the teacher and causing him to fall over the car, a report states. He wasn't injured, but he moved out of the way and the teenager picked up a friend and drove away.

Columbia County authorities later found Mr. Lee and arrested him for aggravated assault.

It seems young people give no respect these days. Luckily, school officials have now banned Mr. Lee from returning to the school.


  1. I'm guessing he failed driver's ed.

  2. seriously i told you education doesn't work on dumb a@#es!

  3. What a idiot. And by not being able to return to school, he will most likely remain that way.

  4. his parents must be SO proud;)

  5. That's pretty funny, I hope that teacher learned to move out of the way next time!