Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gang Sweep Begins with 3 Arrests

Press release from Lt. Scott Peebles, of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office:

On Wednesday afternoon, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office charged two adults and one juvenile with Aggravated Assault and Unlawful Street Gang Activity for their involvement in a shooting incident that is believed to have sparked Tuesday mornings murder of 16 year old Brandon Taylor on Monte Carlo Drive.

The investigation has revealed that on the evening prior to the murder, the suspect of the murder, Brandon Helm and another juvenile were shot at while walking through Pepperidge Subdivision. The investigation has revealed that Helm and the juvenile he was with were recognized as gang members who were passing through an opposing gangs neighborhood. The investigation reveals that Helm and the juvenile were chased and shot at by opposing gang members and no one was hit. It has been learned that Helm believed that Taylor was one of the individuals who shot at him, and revenge for this incident was the motive for Taylor’s murder several hours later.

The three men charged with the first shooting incident have been arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault and Unlawful Street Gang Activity. The juvenile cannot be identified publicly. The two adults are 18 year old Kenneth Anderson (top mugshot) of Golden Leaf Lane in Augusta, and 17 year old Treshawn Cummings (bottom mugshot) of Winchester Court in Augusta.

Throughout the course of this investigation, the Sheriff’s Office has been able to identify a large number of gang members from the area, and has now begun to target those individuals for arrest. The investigation is expected to be lengthy and complex. There is a large list of individuals who the Sheriff’s Office is now in the process of building criminal cases against and further arrests are imminent. When those arrests are made on adults, their names and photographs will be forwarded to all media outlets.


  1. this is my homeboy and he didnt have nothing to do with brandon taylor death they was cool so they need to let my baby treshawn go

  2. man you don't know that people change like hoes change clothes they probably started beefing

  3. maybe you should get some new "homeboys". not saying he did it, but when you hang out poo, you attract flies.

  4. i am just like the person with the first comment... I've been knowing Treshawn since the 6th grade.He is a really nice and kind person if you really get to know him. And we all know that he is not perfect and he has done some dirt in his life. i just don't feel he had anything to do with Brandon's murder. they all played their part at that party that Saturday before, so if that's the case alot more people should be in jail. [R.I.P. Brandon; i was just talking to you in class on Monday, and Tuesday when i came to school, i found out you were murdered.School's been quiet without you around :( ]

  5. People gone have their opinion on how they feel about da situation but dats not gone let dem go! They finna make more arrest! Brandon's just need to let ppl realized dat life is 2 short for da b.s! A baby's life has been taken but always remember it didnt have to kill him but God took control! His death need to make everyone open their eyes & realize they need to change their ways! So yall can holla " free whoever" but u aint doin nuthin but wasting ya time! Dis just da beginning, da police finna get more!!!!!!!!!