Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Trouble Again

Monroe Hall III, 17, just had his record expunged around Thanksgiving for a summer arrest. And now he's in trouble again.

The Warrenville teen's was busted Wednesday for malicious injury to house, tree or personal property, according to jail officials. He's got a bond court this morning on the charge and remains in the Aiken County Jail.

It's a shame for his family, who likely worked hard to get him out of the first jam he was in. Last August, Monroe was arrested for "ill treatment of animals - in general, overworking".

He must have had a good attorney. In the first case that The Jail Report has witnessed, Monroe got that charge "expunged" from the jail records. It's not listed when you go on the public website. But he made our paper back over the summer, so we know the alleged offense.

We can't help but wonder how much patience his family will have if he keeps getting in trouble with the law.

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