Saturday, January 16, 2010

Failure to Register as Sex Offenders

Richmond County authorities busted two men in the last few days for failure to register as a sex offender:
  • Marcell Hankins, 35, top photo, was originally convicted in 1996 of child molestation
  • Travis Williams, 21, bottom, was originally convicted in 2003 of criminal sexual conduct with a minor
Click here to see Richmond County's complete list of registered sex offenders.


  1. Travis Williams 21 was convicted in 2003 which means he was probably charged in late 2001, which made this boy some where around the age of 13 or 14. I dont know the extent of his case, but he was a damn minor himself a boy still, and the girl probably was his age, and now he for the rest of his life will be looked at as a sex offender...i find that really unjust if everything was consenual between the two. Because these girls these days are very fast, but the boys are the ones who get sent to prison and have to grow up in a mans world at a boys age...

  2. You can't assume that the girl was his age. It could have been a 7 year old girl. Or the charge could have been pled down from something more serious in a plea deal. According to the law, there must be a certain age difference between the two for him to be charged.