Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CCSO: Man Terrorizes Estranged Wife, Cuts Power to Home

A Martinez man's been arrested after allegedly stalking his estranged wife and cutting the power to her home repeatedly, including a few times while a deputy sat in the woman's home taking a report, a report states.

Jerry Steven Myers, 33, was charged Sunday with disorderly conduct and simple assault.

According to a Columbia County Sheriff's report, Jerry and Paula Myers are currently married, but have been mutually separated for about six months. Mrs. Myers told authorities that her estranged husband came by her mother's residence while drunk in an attempt to reconcile with her. He asked her if they were done. She told him yes, and he told her "you`re dead," the woman claimed.

The next few hours of terror are described in great detail in a sheriff's report:

Mrs. Myers said she had received 20 calls in two hours from her estranged husband. When a deputy was at the woman's home taking a report, the power to the inside of the residence was suddenly cut off. The deputy went outside and observed that the outside breaker box to the residence was open and the main breaker and sub-breaker in the box were in the off position. The officer turned both breakers back on and restored power to the residence.

The deputy advised Mrs. Myers of victims assistance available to her, including SafeHomes of Augusta. After the deputy left, the woman called 911 two more times to report her power had been cut off, telling authorities she feared for her life. The officer returned both times to restore power. The last time, 911 dispatchers heard Mr. Myers in the background.

According to the report, "deputies responded again to the residence and Deputy Johnson observed a male subject leaving the porch of the residence. One of the deputies observed the door on the outside breaker box to be bent and open, and the main breaker to be in the off position again. The breaker was turned back on and the power restored."

Just over the fence directly next to this residence, a silver Kia van was parked and unoccupied. The deputy ran the tag through the state computer system and it was determined that the van belonged to Mr. Myers. Deputies searched the immediate area for Mr. Myers, and he was located at the Circle K at Belair Rd. and Old Belair Rd.

Mr. Myers was handcuffed and brought back to the residence. The deputy placed Mr. Myers under arrest and asked him if he had anything to say. He did not.

Mr. Myers was transported to the Columbia County Jail on the two charges. Judge Nelson also issued a Special Condition of Bond in that Mr. Myers was to have no contact with Mrs. Myers whatsoever.