Friday, January 8, 2010

Josey High School Arrests, Part 1

Eleven people were arrested Wednesday for disorderly conduct after a fight at Josey High School.

Authorities say the fight between two rival groups started after a girl got chalk on her clothes. The fight took place in the school hallway during a class change. One student was punched in the face and required stitches.

Six juveniles were also charged with fighting and released to their parents.

Here are the first three of 11 people charged with disorderly conduct (from the top):
  • Dirius Smiley, 18
  • Dannie Ellison, 18
  • Carlo Brooks, 19


  1. whats a 19 year old doing in HS?

  2. yes he,s 19 that mean that he don,t want ,to drop,out,i don,t care if he is 21 in is still, in school. HOW OLD R......U??????????

  3. Looks as though the Jan 13,6:02 poster should have stayed in school.

  4. all of them iz too old fightin with no education