Thursday, September 10, 2009

Batterer Arrested Over and Over

There's nothing worse than someone who beats up someone they supposedly love.

Jeremy Ard, 29, of Trenton, was arrested Wednesday morning for criminal domestic violence (CDV), the fifth time he's been arrested on the charge since 2003, according to jail records.

Let's take a look at Jeremy's history of domestic violence. Just five months ago, Aiken County charged him with two counts of CDV.

A year ago, CDV.

In 2007, CDV.

In 2004, assault & battery - common law.

In 2003, CDV.

Again in 2003, two counts of assault and battery.

Jeremy is the definition of repeat offender. When will the justice system wake up and do something to protect his victims from the abuse?


  1. I will never understand how men get away with this awful crime to women,, it has to stop.. We wonder why, because we allow the innocent to keep pretending it will get better. I really pray he is stopped and so many others. There will be a time someone dies, does that stop them no he only finds another innocent one.. we can change that in the court systems ..remember it could be your daughter..

  2. Women accept violence from men too many times. When women immediately run from violent and abusive boyfriends or husbands, CDV offenses will reduce significantly.