Sunday, September 6, 2009

We Should Be the Angry Ones

Hey Mareo Adams, you look a bit irritated in your mugshot. Angry, really.


You were busted for driving under a suspended license for the fourth time! Plus, you resisted arrest and you were driving with an open container of alcohol in your car at 3 o'clock this morning, according to Aiken public safety officers.

What did you expect? An apology from officers for bothering you?

Based on your record, you should almost expect to be spending time in jail. Your criminal history goes back to at least 2002 when you were charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute. Two years later, it was marijuana you were trying to distribute, according to police.

A few years later, you were charged with violating probation, driving drunk and putting a vehicle on the road that didn't have insurance. Of course, the state suspended your license, but you kept driving anyway - and got caught three other times.

Here's the question: Shouldn't we be the angry ones? Shouldn't we be irritated with you for your lack of respect of the law? You're 26 years old, dude. Give us a break.


  1. He has no respect for anyone, not himself, not his victims (he would be upset over being blamed for the deaths of the people he runs down: They should have not been in his way). He has a serious attitude problem that maybe Bubba in the next cell over can beat out of him. Too bad he didn't run into a huge oak tree at about 90 miles an hour and save taxpayers some cash and attitude problems.

  2. LOL! I know Mareo! This is just like him to pose like this for his mugshot but knowing Mareo he was probably crying the whole whay to the station, looked hard for the mugshot, and then started crying again! LOL! When he was a freshman he kept picking on these middle school kids so their older sister said she was gonna fight him when he got to school the next day. He missed an entire week because he said he was sick. This is too funny!