Saturday, September 5, 2009

Repeat Offender - Casey Kohler

Repeat offender Casey Kohler, 24, of Aiken, branched out into new territory this morning with his arrest for criminal domestic violence (top photo).

Casey's been arrested nine times in Aiken County since 2004, mostly for drug charges. A year ago, he was booked on eight drug charges. The year before that, he was busted for possession with intent to deliver cocaine as well as unlawful carrying a pistol.

The young man's record also includes arrests for shoplifting, conspiracy, open container and possession of a controlled substance.

But this morning's arrest by Aiken public safety officers for domestic violence is the first time he's been charged with that offense in South Carolina.

We've included some of his previous mugshots here, including a few where he looks a bit frazzled.


  1. A career criminal that will cost us taxpayers a bundle. He should be given the job of dipping out septic tanks with a five gallon bucket while he is incarcerated.

  2. A career criminal indeed. To bad they let him free all it cost was a few dollars..... that horse shoe has went a long way

  3. Fuck all of u who talk shit about people u dont know

    1. Casey is a piece of shit and EVERYONE knows it.

  4. This is the nephew of Dr R. Lee Grantham at Center for Sight. He is a career criminal who has an aunt who is a total bitch and has enabled him to continue with his criminal enterprises!