Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Crackdown Begins

The holiday crackdown on drunk drivers has begun. And the roads are already looking scary.

Just after lunchtime today, the S.C. Highway Patrol arrested Holley Heyward Jr., 59, of Saluda (top photo), for driving drunk on Aiken County roadways. According to the charge, it is the THIRD TIME he's been arrested for DUI.

Also arrested today for DUI was Roger Donnelly Jr., 47, of Aiken (bottom photo). It is his SECOND OFFENSE, according to jail records.

The Aiken Standard is reporting that troopers will be conducting sobriety checks, stopping speeding drivers and checking for belted motorists over the Labor Day weekend. Last year, 15 people died in the Palmetto State in 13 different fatal crashes over the holiday weekend, The Standard reports.

Are you getting it? If you plan to drink, don't get behind the wheel. You will get caught!

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  1. Is that Jean Luc Picard - the Captain of the Enterprise?