Monday, September 7, 2009

Who Knew Hitchhiking was a Crime?

Poor William Strickland. He just wanted a ride, apparently.

But who knew hitchhiking was against the law in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Highway Patrol busted him Monday afternoon for the offense and gave the Augusta man a ride -- to the Aiken County Detention Center.

Mr. Strickland, 38, was officially charged with hitchhiking as well as pedestrian on a controlled access highway. He's sitting in jail now waiting on a bond hearing.

We googled the offense and discovered what the law is. South Carolina law specifically states that pedestrians (hitchhikers, etc.) can not stand or walk along a freeway, which is defined as an interstate highway or similar high-use route. According to interpretation, hitchhikers can thumb along smaller highways if not in the roadway, meaning the shoulder is OK. Apparently, fines in the Palmetto State are steep, too.

We're guessing Mr. Strickland was walking on Interstate 20, which we admit can be dangerous. But an arrestable offense? Wow.

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